Our mission is to improve the healthcare of individuals, couples, fetuses and children during the reproductive journey through pregnancy and beyond.



We interact with public institutions to aid in the implementation of reproductive, fetal and perinatal healthcare programs.

Through on-site teaching and training activities we address specific challenges of each institution providing a direct effect on the local healthcare team to improve patient care.

The Prenatal Foundation has already performed 2 fetal surgeries to treat complications of monochorionic pregnancies at Dr. Guillermo Rawson Hospital in San Juan.

One of the surgeries was broadcasted live to an auditorium where approximately 50 healthcare professionals watched on in real time. Following the surgery, the surgical team participated in an interactive question and answer session with the audience.


We perceive teaching as an act of transversal transmission of knowledge between peers.

We believe that specialized education of healthcare professionals is a concrete way of improving patient care.

Thus, we provide access to specialized, up to date and evidence based education in Spanish.

On May 10th 2019, our FREE OF CHARGE Symposium “The healthy child as the goal of reproduction” was held at Hospital Rawson (San Juan, Argentina). Organized by the Maternity and Gynecology services of the Hospital and sponsored by the Government of San Juan and the Ministry of Public Health of the province.


We fund scientific research in reproductive, maternal and child health to promote the development of local evidence based medicine.

Furthermore, we consider that the implementation of high quality scientific research protocols leads to optimization of hospital guidelines and audit of clinical practice. Thus, research produces a beneficial side effect improving patient focussed care.